Sunday, 10 January 2016

Good bye Sri Lanka- off to India

So we are leaving Sri Lanka today. After wonderful two and half weeks here it feels a bit sentimental. Finished packing in the morning, had nice tea and fish buns with our friend Andrew's parents, who have kindly provided a homely base for us while here, and came to the airport.
It's a sunny day (again) and very warm (as always) and we feel a bit sad to be leaving this little paradise.
We met very kind people on our travels here and loved the diversity of landscapes and architecture. Food is just the right amount of spicy and mainly thanks to our friend Rakshi, we learned how to cook some Sri Lankan meals! Also very much enjoyed eating with our hands and can't imagine going back to cutlery again :-)
We will come back! Still want to visit Nilaveli in season and go snorkeling on the Pigeon island, also want to visit Anuradhapura and go up the Adam's much more :-)
Sri Lanka is a very easy country to travel in, as many people speak English, people are very kind and helpful (with only a few cheeky tuk tuk drivers) and the transport network is frequent and well connected.
Feeling a bit anxious now about plunging into the chaos and intensity of India that we have so far only heard about.
Have your fingers crossed for us! :-)

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